DHL Hong Kong

The advantages of DHL Honk Kong are: very safe and fast delivery, lower prices. Delivery time of between 3 to 5 days. Reference delivery times may vary depending on the destination country.

The single longest side cannot exceed 1.2 m, or one-piece cannot exceed 70KG, for shipments that exceed these parameters please consult Hong Kong customer service staff. If any parcel exceeds these limits of a side measuring more than 120cm or a single piece more than 70 kg, a surcharge will be charged on all pieces included in the shipment.

HKDHL volume weight = length cm x height cm x width cm / 5000, if the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, prices will be charged according to the weight of the volume.

If a package is lost or damaged, please inform DHL Hong Kong within 7 days. DHL does not bear any responsibility for good that are lost due to customs inspections or seizures.

DHL Tracking Hong Kong

DHL Hong Kong Tracking system is for example if you are expecting a package from Hong Kong or if you have sent a package from Hong Kong to somewhere, which has been shipped via DHL, the company gives you a waybill on which you will find your DHL Hong Kong Tracking numberof your shipment.

Tracking your DHL parcel it gives you feel safety, after paying for something. All you have to do for tracking your shipment from somewhere is to get a DHL tracking number given you by the transmitter. DHL Tracking number resembles this: RA452587420HK or EE452587420HK.

Please, enter DHL Website through the following link: Then put your DHL code into the empty box.To observe where is your shipment press ‘Track’. The tracking service is easy and free of charge!