DHL Oman

DHL Express Oman, the world’s leading express and logistics company already celebrated 30 years of operations in Oman. DHL Oman is a part of the international express network, offering shipments from and to Oman worldwide, connecting businesses.

Speedy service with goods delivered at your doorstep at all times, is the hallmark of DHL Oman, along with a guarantee of customized service, according to your freight needs. Currently serving over 150 locations, DHL has made a position for itself as the leader in courier services.

There were many challenges while opening the first DHL Global Forwarding office In Oman. Undoubtedly the biggest one was fitting the world’s largest logistics organization with all it had to offer, into a highly unique market. For Oman’s needs in transport and logistics are growing at a fast and unprecedented rate as the economy, and especially the areas of transport by road, sea and air, offers a whole new concept of an integrated business.

DHL Tracking Oman

DHL shipments in general whether you send to Oman or are expecting to receive from Oman have a waybill unique identification number (code).

If some day you as a customer are willing to track and trace your DHL shipment, you can easily enter DHL Oman official page through the link:

There will open a page where DHL Oman Tracking system is utilized by hundreds of customers. Simply enter your DHL Oman Tracking code into the tracking space and press ‘Track’. So much for getting informed about your DHL shipments’ latest results.