DHL Romania

Romania DHL, part of Deutsche Post DHL, began its operation in 1991, when DHL came on the local market with a fast and efficient courier service, domestic and international parcel and document. The Romanian market dominate express mail, with an infrastructure consisting of 260 employees, 23 plants, a plane and a dedicated fleet of over 100 vehicles serving DHL network throughout the country.

All services provided by DHL Romania are based on rigorous quality and efficiency criteria established. Thus the company considers that all services provided are based on clear requirements expressed by customers.

DHL courier and logistics company operates in Romania with three aircraft and more than 200 machines to over 3.5 million shipments annually for 5,000 clients. The largest sorting center is held inside Otopeni Airport, where 60% of the volume processed.

DHL Romania has the country SAAB SF 340 planes that landed in Arad and Cluj, arriving daily from Europe, with stopovers in Budapest.

DHL Tracking Romania

If you have inquires about your DHL Romania shipment, you should rest in peace because DHL Romania now is operating a tracking system for only DHL shipments. Please go on to DHL Romania DHL page by clicking on the link: DHL Romania Tracking scheme is available only for tracking DHL Romania shipments.

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