DHL South Africa

DHL South Africa has made its mark on the logistics industry in a big way; it has earned an enviable reputation within the logistics industry.

So here are the main points for the customers who want to be orientated of how the DHL South Africa shipment makes his way in general. So a shipment getting picked up from a customer and the courier bringing it back to the station gets a checkpoint – the station putting it in a bag and sending it to the airport gets a checkpoint; it’s a sequence – what the QCC does is determines when that checkpoint is expected to be captured. If for some reason the shipment doesn’t get a scan, the QCC gets a warning and the shipment will turn amber, alerting the operator. After a set amount of time the shipment will turn red and the operator knows they need to make inquiries and warn the customer. The customers can then take proactive action and recover the situation.

DHL Tracking South Africa

DHL South Africa has a very complex scanner system and a shipment may receive anything up to 20 scans from the moment it’s picked up until the moment it’s delivered.Each one of those scans is either a warning saying ‘there is a potential problem’ or its progress saying ‘it’s safely on its way and will be delivered on time’.

South African DHL philosophy has always been the way that information about shipment is more important than the shipment itself.

DHL South Africa makes the delivery information about every DHL shipment available by the DHL South Africa Tracking number. All that is needed to be done is to enter DHL Website and insert the DHL South Africa Tracking code into the empty box. After press ‘Track’.