DHL Vietnam

DHL Vietnam began postal, transportation, courier operations in Vietnam since 1988, with about 300 employees. Currently courier company DHL Vietnam occupied large market share in the international courier market in Vietnam.

In addition, the courier company DHL has also invested heavily in items such as mining center at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, centre of transportation and fleet services in Vietnam. By such works, the courier company DHL expects to continue to strengthen and maintain its leading position in the courier industry in Vietnam.

Currently, the personnel system of the courier company DHL in Vietnam is up to 1000 people, providing services to 7,000 clients; owned and leased nearly 230 vehicles; 56,400 m2 warehouse and 37 infrastructure, the number of shipments per year: more than 1.5 billion.

With all of the history behind the Vietnam and with the experience from working with Vietnamese customers, the DHL company understands what they need and are constantly striving to offer them value added services.

DHL Tracking Vietnam

DHL Vietnam Tracking system is operating through the DHL Website where everyone can find an online tracking tool specific to his country. The purpose of online tracking is to demonstrate the DHL shipments’ whereabouts and to be aware of every step of your shipments at transit locations.

DHL Vietnam Tracking device is simple to achieve through the following link:

Insert your DHL tracking code (the shipment’s waybill number) into the tracking empty bar you see on the screen and then click on ‘Track’.