EMS Ethiopia

EMS Ethiopia establishes with an objective of providing accepting, transferring and delivering of articles in a reliable and speedy manner with a reasonable price. It accepts and delivers: Original documents, Parcels, Merchandises, Spare Parts, Samples, etc.

In addition, EMS Ethiopia provides door to door acceptance and delivery services by efficient tracking and tracing system. Before sending an item weight the item in advance and get packing material from the counter clerk. For the safety of your document, there are ranges of quality packing materials at the Post Office.

Don’t pack items by yourself! Leave them open for inspection if it needs custom, medicine and other related inspections and get clearance. Don’t send fragile items! If so, we don’t take responsibility for any damage.

If you are sending samples for commercial purpose, attach a copy of permission license. Write full names of both sender and receiver. If it international mail, write city, state, as well as country names. If it is domestic mail, write city name, phone number and physical address accurately.

When receiving an item make medical inspection if necessary, Inspect your item if it needs custom clearance. If the collection is made by agent, the collector must have original authorization agent ship paper. Head office working hours are: Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday and Holiday10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

EMS Tracking Ethiopia

For tracking your EMS articles through EMS Ethiopia Tracking System, please log in to Ethiopia Post home page (ethiopostal.com), select the ‘Track and Trace’ option, and fill in your EMS item number (it is on your mail label) you want to track, then click ‘Submit’.

EMS Ethiopia Tracking number consists of both letters and numbers; they all identify a particular shipment. There should be two Latin letters at the beginning + nine numbers + 2 Latin letters at the end.

The correct inserting of your EMS tracking number into the entry bar will show you the correct information about your sent article.