EMS New Zealand

EMS New Zealand has a one to five working day delivery target to any street, rural address or to foreign countries.You can send letters, parcels, documents, cards, etc.

Your documents are tracked and require signature on delivery. There is no additional fuel surcharge or rural delivery fee. The required postage to send by EMS New Zealand depends on the destination, weight and size of your documents.

Documents weighing more than 1kg are classified as parcels.Use this service if your documents weigh less than 1kg. If they are over 1kg they should be sent as a parcel.

Dimension restrictions: Maximum size: (length + girth)2m, Maximum length of any side: 1.05m. The size shall not exceed 1.05 meters for any one dimension and 2 meters for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than that of the length.Dimension and weight restrictions include any packaging.

Maximum weights are lower for some countries. If you want to get more information please phone their International Courier Support Centre on 0800 73 63 53.

EMS Tracking New Zealand

New Zealand Post home page (‘www.nzpost.co.nz) has the online EMS Tracking New Zealandsystem. You can easily track your domestic and international EMS parcels. Your tracking number should look like this: AA123456789NZ.

Multiple tracking numbers should be separated with a comma or a new line. Enter your EMS Tracking New Zealandnumber and press ‘Track parcel(s)’ button. As they do not control all parts of the delivery chain, they may not receive tracking updates from certain countries or certain types of tracking updates. In these cases, you can try tracking your item on the destination country’s tracking system.