EMS Philippines

EMS Philippines is the fastest way of sending documents, goods and other time-sensitive items abroad. At present Philippines have bilateral agreements with 46 countries for the reciprocal exchange of EMS items.

EMS service of Philippines is available in major Post Offices nationwide. The service delivers both domestic and international packages.

Generally, DEMS Philippines (Domestic Express mail Service) items are delivered within the following day from the date of mailing provided they are posted on or before the prescribed cut-off time.

IEMS Philippines (International Express Mail Service) is the premium international express mail which is recognized as the fastest and reliable mail service in the International Post.

Your Express Mail is recorded from acceptance to delivery to the addressee. Generally, your Express Mail is delivered within the following day from the date of mailing if it is posted on or before the prescribed out-off time. The days of delivery from mailing date, excluding customs clearance date are in between 3-4 business days. The weight limit is 30 Kgs.

EMS Tracking Philippines

If you are waiting to receive something from Philippines or if you are the sender who is simply interested in how much time will it take for the item to reach to its addressee’s hands here comes to your rescue EMS Philippines Tracking tool via internet.

EMS Philippines Tracking program has a very simple design and you will just manage that in a minute.

The only thing you should need is the EMS tracking number (13 characters) on your waybill/shipping invoice which is to be inserted into the tracking tool area. Then click on ‘Track’.