EMS South Africa

EMS South Africa is an express delivery mail service which connects many countries’ express postal systems together nationally and internationally.

EMS South Africa is provided by the Post Office of the country and is deemed to be the transportation speed service for documents and merchandise. EMS in general takes priority over other postal services for it is the most speedy service of all the rest. Trusting your article to the South African EMS system you not only economize your time and nerves but also you have the peace in your soul that your items will be in accuracy and safeness all the way up to its destination point and at least up to the receipt’s hands.

The superiority of the EMS service are: Fast and reliable door-to-door service for the dispatch of urgent goods; such as business papers, secret letters, merchandise and samples, etc., Signature on the delivery, End-to end tracking, Delivery of items at the addressee’s premises.

Travel times of the sent EMS parcel inside Southern Africa are 3-4 days, for the rest of the world 4-5 working days. The business hours of Southern Africa Post Office are: 08:30 to 16:30 Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 12:00 On Saturdays. There are also insurance available. More information you can obtain at your local Post Office.

EMS Tracking South Africa

EMS South Africa Tracking system is an electronic tool that inquires about the last situation of the dispatch to follow up and trace your sent items’ track. This service is available through the website of the country.In addition, not only the sender is able to track his/her items’ status but also the receiver if only he/she knows the EMS tracking number.

You can get to EMS South Africa Tracking system via internet by visiting South Africa Post official home page (http://www.emssouthafrica.co.za/EmsWebSite/index.htm). Click on the last link opened to view the EMS tracking field where you should place your EMS item tracking number and press ‘Submit’.

This tracking service is intended to serve the customers from all over the world and is carefully designed to provide a set of delivery information to a client, who would like to get inquired of the details not wasting the time when he/she is in front of the computer.