EMS Sweden

EMS Sweden allows you to send shipments that need fast and reliable express distribution to other countries. For business customers it is often crucial that urgent and important consignments reach their destinations quickly.

EMS Sweden is inexpensive service offered by the Post for deliveries to inside and outside of Sweden.

Shipments can be dropped off at Posten’s Business Centers or Sorting Centers. You can also post your letter in your nearest mailbox, although if you do so you won’t be eligible for the delivery time guarantee.

The letter is delivered straight to the recipient’s letterbox and you can easily track its progress finding out where it is and when it has been delivered. The service also includes a delivery time guarantee, giving you a refund if your letter is delayed for any reason.

Sending a letter write the recipient’s name, address, telephone number and any door code on the letter.Attach a “Post Express” label to the letter. This shows a unique bar code. Labels are available from Posten service points.

Keep the receipt, it is your guarantee!

Through the Swedish service shipments will be delivered the next day (Monday-Friday) before 10 am. If your letter cannot be delivered, they will make a second delivery attempt before 6 pm.

EMS Tracking Sweden

EMS Sweden Trackingis the Swedish Post parcel tracking service. If you are sending or expecting anything sent via the Swedish Postal service that got a ‘parcel tracking number’. Enter the page posten.se and insert your EMS Sweden Tracking number in the empty field on the right side of the page where the online ‘Track’ system is. Then hit ‘SEARCH’ to see where your parcel is.

The shipment item identity code consists of two letter prefix followed by a nine-digit serial number and ends with the country suffix SE. You can also track with your cell phone number and notification code.