EMS Vietnam

EMS Vietnam is a courier service through which people receive, transport or deliver letters, documents, articles, parcels, mail items and goods; both domestic or international.

Currently, the local EMS services are provided in 63provinces and cities nationwide; within Vietnam, including more than and to 51 countries in the world and 6,000 post offices.

Weight limit for EMS parcels to overseas depends on the agreement with the target country.The general maximum volume of EMS Vietnam post should be: for one parcel is 31.5 kg.

The EMS postal article shall not exceed 1.5 m. Items mailed to international destinations: regular service takes a month, airmail service takes five to ten days, express-mail service (EMS) takes less than 5 days and everything is registered.

Express mail service: Senders require immediate delivery of parcels to receivers after arrival. This service is available for the receiver. With address within delivering area of the Post-Office in the cities and towns, accepting request at the time of applying postal items and parcels.

EMS Tracking Vietnam

Enter EMS Vietnam home page (‘www.ems.com.vn) for tracking your domestic or international EMS shipments.

EMS Vietnam Tracking system is on the left side of the page above. Enter your EMS Vietnam Tracking number, which is to be look like this; EB125698447VN and press ‘Tim Kiem’ (‘Track’).

The last two letters (VN) are origin of country code, and this is quite important for the client to enter the identifying code correctly if you want to view the notes of the sent goods’ without delay.

By EMS tracking unique code the visitor will be able track and trace the articles over long period of time unless the sent items are delivered to the addressee, know exactly the drop-off point of the merchandize. The Recipient will be also to track the item status if he/she obtains the EMS tracking code too. The system is a good way to save your time and why not your money, as the service is served free of charge.