Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is the German postal service. Previously a state-owned monopoly, it was privatized in 2000. Its headquarters are in Bonn. It delivers around 70 million letters each day. The old government-run German postal service, established in 1947, was known as the Deutsche Bundespostafter 1950.

The old Bundespost, with large, dark post offices in old, stodgy buildings, has given way to many smaller, bright post offices in shopping centers and other convenient locations – displaying the familiar yellow and black Deutsche Post sign. The new Deutsche Post has also entered the 21st century with extensive online services, from printable stamps to a Postfinder that helps you find the nearest post office or mail box. Many German post offices now resemble a stationery store more than a post office.

In Germany, letters are charged according to the size as well as the weight. A small letter is one that weighs less than 20g and is DL-size (an A4 sheet folded into thirds) or smaller. Delivery of such a letter costs 55 cents within Germany and 75 cents to all other countries.

As of January 2011, the Post has revised its international rates for letters and postcards. There is now a single rate for any mail sent outside Germany. It doesn’t matter if your letter is going to neighboring France or faraway Australia, the postage is the same.

Deutsche Post Tracking

It’s very simple with the Deutsche Post Tracking System to track a package that you have sent to a particular direction. With Deutsche ‘Track and Trace’ system you can always keep an eye on your sent items. Here you can receive qualified information regarding your item’s status, get inquired about the current status of an individual item or several simultaneously.

As the sender, you can track and trace the status of your sent parcels if the question ‘Where is my shipment’ bothers you much.

To get started with the procedure please enter Deutsche Post Tracking number to a location and then enter the date it was posted, after click on ‘Find’ button. You will observe the very information you need.