Philippine Post

The Philippine Postal Corporation, known as PhilPost, is a government-owned corporation responsible for providing postal services in Philippines. It has a history over 250 years. Philippine Postal Corporation professionally managed and run by a corps of committed personnel providing the highest quality and widest range of postal products and services. It has 18,000 employees, with more than 2,500 mail vans and motorcycles, and more than 2,000 Post Offices, Distribution Centers and Mailing Outlets located all over the world.

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPOST) is in partnership with Poste Italiane.

Postmaster General Ma. Josefina M. Dela Cruz has revealed a change in the business plan of PhilPost, which now involved in cash and parcel deliveries besides the traditional mail.

More employees of the Philippine Post (PHLPost) nationwide will now enjoy their benefits as members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) with the reinstatement of their Good Standing status.

Philippine Post Tracking

Philippine Post provides you tracking information about your registered mails. For verifying the status of your mail please enter the Philippine Post Tracking number from your documentation or as provided by the sender(if you are the recipient) and click on ‘Track and Trace’.

For fast and accurate mail processing and delivery always use the Zone Identification Program; ZIP Code. It should be placed on the left hand side of the list line of the address preceding before the city or province.

One should enter the zip code, thenselect Post Office Location, and after Choose a service; whether he/she prefers to track Domestic Mail Service or International one.

For knowing your item’s whereabouts or any other information about sent article it is enough to put Philippine Post Tracking number into the tracking location and press the ‘Track’ button.